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Reenvisioning technical architectures in a changing threat landscape

Wednesday, March 31, 2021
7:00 – 8:30 AM PDT
10:00 - 11:30 AM EDT
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Global Episode 1 Agenda

6:55 am PDT
Virtual event space opens
7:00 am PDT
Opening Remarks
Kavitha Mariappan, EVP, Customer Experience & Transformation, Zscaler
7:05 am PDT
CXO Perspectives Panel
How a Zero Trust Architecture minimizes enterprise attack surface
Join Federal Trade Commission Chief Information and Chief Data Officer Raghav Vajjhala, Los Angeles County, Internal Services Department Deputy General Manager Jac Fagundo and Zscaler Director, Transformation Strategy Lisa Lorenzin as they discuss how zero trust practices use identity-based security and context-aware visibility to overcome legacy security architecture limitations so that growing multi-cloud environments and work-from-anywhere practices don't expand agency attack surfaces.
7:40 am PDT
CTO Spotlight
Enabling any-to-any connectivity: Reducing the attack surface with Zero Trust and microsegmentation
In this session, Zscaler's Peter Smith VP, Secure Workload Communication Zscaler will highlight zero trust strategies for securing intra-network communication between cloud-apps, OT, IoT, and other enterprise infrastructures by replacing traditional network segmentation with workload microsegmentation.
7:55 am PDT
Voice of the CISO
Stories from the trenches: Best practices for securing platforms, workloads, and connectivity
As the recent SolarWinds supply-chain attacks have illustrated, the threat landscape is constantly evolving, with new adversaries, new malware variants, and new tactics appearing every day. In this Voice of the CISO panel, Zscaler CISO Danny Connelly talks with Matt Singleton CISO State of Oklahoma. They'll share their real-world best practices on keeping their employees and their organization's vital assets safe.
8:25 am PDT
Closing Remarks
Kavitha Mariappan, EVP, Customer Experience & Transformation, Zscaler

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