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APAC Episode 1 – Reducing the Risk and Complexity of Secure Cloud Deployment

August 11, 2021
1:00-2:00pm SGT

12:55 pm SGT

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1:05 pm SGT

CXO Fireside Chat

Cloud Protection Strategies for Innovation, Transformation, Risk Reduction, and Improved Security

Public clouds enable agility, scale, and performance for enterprise applications (and the enterprise itself). But the enterprise race to the cloud can introduce new risks, including cybersecurity gaps, misconfiguration (or even missed configuration), and post-breach vulnerability to east-west movement. Zscaler SVP Rich Campagna moderates this panel session, and speaks with experienced information security leaders about their transformation journeys to the cloud, and the challenges they had to overcome on the way.

1:40 pm SGT

Exploit Walk-through

Anatomy of a Breach: What Financial Institutions Must Learn from Recent Cyberattacks

In 2019, hackers breached the defenses of one of the largest global financial institutions, acquiring personal data related to millions of consumer accounts. Two years later, what have we learned? In this interactive technology spotlight session, Zscaler VP of Product Management Moinul Khan deconstructs a data breach, offering best practices IT leaders in the financial services space can employ now to combat the next cyberattack. He'll also introduce the Zscaler Cloud Protection suite, demonstrating its cloud security posture management (CSPM), secure user access, app-to-app communication, and lateral threat movement elimination capabilities.

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